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River Specific Flies The Right Fly... The Right River.

Experienced anglers know that there are countless different flies, nymphs, minnows and other sources of food for fish in each river. The more variety of food in the water means that the
fish will be healthier. In many cases the number and variety of foods are different from stream to stream.

Get Your Fly Right endeavors to supply our customers with the best all around flies for the Western River you choose to fish. Our guide tested and proven quality flies will give you the success you want.

Fly-fishing has developed into a specialized sport with a great deal of emphasis on “Matching the Hatch” of insects in the water at a specific time of day or year. Most would agree that “Matching the Hatch” is a daunting task considering the hundreds of flies available today on the market.Get Your Fly Right feels that this is best left to professional guides and those who spend months on the water each year.

Therefore we have taken considerable effort in choosing the all around best flies for a given Western river. This will ensure, whether beginner or advanced, anglers can arrive at their chosen river confident that they have the flies that work. As time and money are involved with all fishing expeditions, the more time spent on the river actually fishing, ensures more fun and success in this beautiful sport of Fly fishing.

"The Right Fly...The Right River. "

Fly Fishing Fly Assortments
Get Your Fly Right specializes in providing specific fly assortments for your favorite Western River. If you are looking for Fly Fishing Fly Assortments that will help assure a fun and successful time on the river, you have come to the righ place. Get Your Fly Right offers you with the Sampler Assortment (12 flies on a fly drying patch), the Better assortment (32 flies in custom fly box), the Best Assortment (48 flies in fly box), as well as the Ultimate Western River Fly Fishing Fly Assortment for the serious Fly Fisher. Our Custom Fly Fishing Fly Assortments are put together using critical information from each river (i.e. time of year, insect hatches and stream flows).

We believe that whether you need Fly Rods, Fly Reels, Rod and Reel Combos, Fly Fishing Nets, Fishing Creels, Fishing Caps, or simple stream necessities like Magna-Hat, strike indicators, tapered leaders, tippet material or Special Fly Fishing Fly Collections and Fly Boxes, you’ll find what you need here. Whether you are a beginner Fly Fisher or you have many years under your belt, at Get Your Fly Right you can be confident that you will have the Right Fly for the Right River.

Customer Guarantee
Get Your Fly Right guarantee’s our products to be to your satisfaction. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for an exchange or refund.